Saturday, August 29, 2020

covid notes 32

June also brought with it Tim’s aching knee and more Friday telemedicine and a trip to the hospital where a clinic was set up to test for both covid and Lyme disease. He was, thank god, negative for covid, which we found out in a couple of days. By the next week’s end, the blood work revealed that he had anaplasmosis, another tickborne illness. It was what they’d suspected, and it was good that this was what he had, because they had started him immediately on the antibiotics for that—had it been Lyme, they would have had to switch his meds. Chances are he already had it at least a month. They’d suspected it or shingles when he’d called before (again on a Friday), but there was no visible sign of shingles, so they scheduled blood work. Over the weekend, the shingles broke out, so they quickly treated that and canceled the blood work, which, in retrospect, I’m pretty certain would have shown he had both things at once. The poor guy. He’s much better now.


  1. I'm glad to hear this as well.

    The world is (becoming? Or has it always been?) one scary place.

  2. Good grief. MORE tick diseases? Vermont, I really want to visit you post-COVID/Trump, but your ticks are making it quite unappealing!

    I'm glad Tim is better.

    1. I think I read that there were like somethingteen types. But I'd have to look again. I can't keep facts in my head anymore.

    2. Oh, and the tick thing is pretty much everywhere in the Northeast and probably the whole East Coast... I remember how I used to love just lying flat on the ground in the grass—now I don't even want to take an outdoor yoga class on a mat.

  3. I was worried that Andrew had anaplasmosis after his bike trip from Bethesda to Asheville. As soon as he and Alex got to Atlanta (she picked him up in Asheville) he had flu-like symptoms and a Covid test returned negative. He swore he never saw a tick, but did mention that he camped in places with high grasses. I wish he'd also had an anaplasmosis test.