Saturday, August 29, 2020

covid notes 33

An upside to unemployment is that when Thom (who helped us get our couch) came to barber the trees and clear out the brush from our backyard, Tim and I could work as the underlings, carting brush and limbs up the hill to dump into the truck, trip after trip, so he didn’t have to hire other help for that, and it saved us a little money. Similarly, when Paul came to touch up the paint job on the front of the garage, Tim could assist. Every little bit helps.


  1. I wish Dean would hire someone to do stuff like that, but he thinks he knows how to do almost everything. Our trees and shrubs, after Dean has trimmed them, look like a 4 year old's hair after she cut her own bangs.

  2. I actually think there are a lot of upsides to unemployment. So much so I'm very reluctant to look for new jobs. Though the salary would be useful.