Wednesday, June 24, 2020

covid notes 3

Exposure to the new world didn’t end right after New York, though. The next week, home in Vermont, was packed with two house concerts; a couple of restaurant meals; a March birthdays party; my last-for-a-long-while haircut, chiropractor, and dentist appointments; a community theatre performance starring two friends; and two trips, one successful, to see that rogue caracara.


  1. I have done some hiking. My daughter has been doing some protesting/medic work in the public, the sweaty exhausted un-masked public.

    I am going to do something like this but I need to give birth to it in my head first. These Covid notes.

    1. And I need to do some more, soon. I just glanced at your page, am about to read it, and am already PSYCHED to read it and intimidated by your greatness.

  2. It's amazing to look back, see all the things we were doing even in March, and then note how quickly the world changed.