Tuesday, June 23, 2020

covid notes 2

The April 19 concert was the first to move, to August 1, my cousin’s wedding date, but I didn’t get the tickets refunded because what if the wedding was canceled? And if it was, would I go to a concert? I did nothing. The New Yorkers were smart and pushed their entire tour back a year, so May 2 became May 1. The Moth event I am treating my sister to fell next, from May 8 to October 6. It took another month before the concert she is treating me to* moved from June 19 to March 6 (our P.S. let’s-drive-to-Montreal-after plan doomed weeks before). The August 1 wedding got postponed, and I still have the tickets, and I figure I can stay with them as they keep chasing possibility, which just a few days ago shifted to September 10.


But if any of these events happen, will I even go?

*Pokey LaFarge, noted for Bridgett.


  1. Pokey LaFarge. Something in the Water. Cairo Illinois. Good stuff.

    Cancellations, though. I didn't see Bob Weir, and I may be running out of time. I don't even know if that's been rescheduled. More importantly, my sister was supposed to get married June 6 or something. Moved it to August 16 or something. Canceled that and now we're just, 20 of us, meeting in the park on July 7, a Tuesday, to witness and cheer her on and go back home. She is rolling with it.

    1. Yes, I'd worry about Weir. Last year the Rolling Stones postponed their tour and I was SO worried, but it happened. My cousin is getting married August 1 anyway, close family only, and the event has been rescheduled to next July. Best wishes to your sister!

    2. I saw Doc Watson on his last tour and I wouldn't trade that for anything right now. I hope I can see Weir sing Cassidy one more time.

  2. " ...will I even go?" That would be the big question. I'm not sure I would unless things improve dramatically.

  3. We were supposed to see Dan Bern in May but I was secretly glad it didn't happen -- not sure why but nothing to do with covid. I think because I made a fool of myself the last time I saw him and was not ready to see him again so soon.