Tuesday, October 30, 2018

300/365/Scary Stuff/Part 3 of 3

vice to heart but why wouldn’t you leave originals with the lawyer(!?!), so now Alison and I think we need to drill the box because either (a) there are important things in there and everyone should know what they are or (b) there is nothing important in there and why are annual fees being paid if this is so, and if Mom dies and we don’t know where the original wills are, I’m not sure what happens then, is it possible we could just walk away from shit we don’t want anyway (not bloody likely), Judi says it likely means that everything would have to go through the courts, and now of course I’m envisioning a massive search in The House next time I’m in town, which will be horrific and may lead to nothing and I just don’t understand why my parents always have to make everything as difficult as it can possibly be.