Tuesday, October 30, 2018

299/365/Scary Stuff/Part 2 of 3

thought it was there, but the safety boxes had been moved when a branch closed down and when at last I found the right branch I needed to have the key but no one knew where the key was and Mom said all that is in there is your dad’s expired passport, and there was going to be a substantial fee to drill the box, and then the lawyers were able to get us copies of the power of attorney parts we needed to see anyway, and we dropped it, but now we don’t know where the original wills are and Mom thinks they are somewhere in The House but she doesn’t know where and when I look online apparently there is lots of advice to NOT put wills in a safety deposit box because no one can open it if you die (well, a survivor whose name was on the box could I guess, with a key), and that complicates things because maybe for once they took ad-


  1. I'd heard that, about not putting wills in safety deposit boxes.

    Yes, The House.