Tuesday, October 30, 2018

298/365/Scary Stuff/Part 1 of 3

Mom has found two accounts that were in Dad’s name only and the bank told her she needed to be named Dad’s representative and that there’ s form that needs to be obtained from the register of wills but Mom said the will wasn’t registered and they didn’t want it to be and so we went to the courthouse and the register of wills confirmed that the will was not registered but that Mom could not get to those accounts without this happening so they called the lawyer’s office to get the original will sent over and the lawyer’s office said that they only had copies with a note that said the client had taken the wills and was going to be put them in the safety deposit box and back when potential power of attorney stuff had come up in January Alison and I had wanted to get into their safety deposit box to see the will, as we