Tuesday, October 30, 2018

301/365/Scary Stuff

Alison says that our accommodations on these Maryland trips are going the way of an illicit love affair. We started in February in a beautiful airbnb: a well-appointed converted-barn-writers-retreat with a full kitchen, surrounded by beautiful farmland. Now, in October, we’re in a mid- to low-level chain hotel with a minifridge and microwave, surrounded by strip malls. “Let’s get this fucking over with!” I joke, and we begin laughing so hard we’re crying. The rental car, too, provokes the follow-up “What’s that smell?”, something we hadn’t noticed in the dark airport rental lot when we just trying to get there already. The faintest whiff of skunk, but there.


  1. Yes, this. Let's just get it over with.

  2. I'm glad you and Alison have each other through this. And yes, at the current decay rate, you better hurry up. Bates Motel is lurking.