Tuesday, October 16, 2018

285/365/Scary Stuff

When I was very young, we had this babysitter named Jane. I liked Jane. She was cheerful and bubbly. She drove a pale pastel–yellowish VW Bug, and sometimes we’d get to ride in it. I am sure that’s the first one I ever set foot in. It would not be the last.

Jane certainly amused us in all sorts of ways (we got to ride with her in her car, after all), but once she knew us well enough, she unleashed the most amusing of her tricks. Jane had two false eye teeth. They were attached to a retainer, so she could push them out of her mouth simultaneously. Instant vampire! We would scream with horrified glee. Who wouldn’t want a babysitter like that? (It did not suck.)


  1. That's cute. My sister does something similar to her grandchildren.

    1. Wait—your sister has grandchildren? I cannot get used to these possibilities.

  2. OMG - I've just flashed back to a friend's grandfather pushing his lower denture out, and us shrieking with delight. I didn't know they were dentures and pushed on my lower teeth trying to get them to pop out, too. (Never worked).

  3. My uncle used to do that with a couple of his teeth.