Thursday, October 11, 2018

284/365/Scary Stuff

On Tuesday, neighbor Nori’s birthday, I took her a birthday care package filled with sweets and savories and alcohol. Her father-in-law died twenty-four days ago in the Czech Republic; her father died six days ago here. She has two young children. It’s been rough. She needs sweets and savories and alcohol.

As I was putting the package together, though, I had a scary thought. I believed that I could guess exactly what she was doing the day I got married.

She would be having her birthday party, of course, on the Saturday two days after her birthday. She is turning thirty-nine, so it would have been her seventh birthday.

My wedding was thirty-two years ago today.


  1. Wow, HUGE congratulations (on your anniversary, not your youth :) ). That's definitely an achievement to admire (and envy).

  2. Yes, I get the scary part of this.
    And congrats too!

  3. So you were barely married when we met eons ago? Yes, these numbers scare me. Poor Nori, to have such sadness and birthday together.

  4. Happy anniversary! (Belated)

    Nori is so lucky to have you for a friend.