Wednesday, October 17, 2018

286/365/Scary Stuff

The first time I saw Rocky Horror Picture Show, maybe, was in a university town with Alison and Dana in 1978. One of them—I think the straitlaced-seeming Dana—snuck in a flask. I was scared of getting caught, but Alison, who had recently been kicked out of boarding school, was not. Of course I was just paranoid, all was well, and it was a great show.

The next time I saw Rocky Horror Picture Show was a few months later, in 1979, in Toronto. This was another world. The theatre was huge, the crowd down and dirty. Props were plentiful, and Leyla and I were asked to pass joints between rows. Stay sane inside insanity.

These days I watch within my own haunted house.


  1. I need more Rocky Horror in my life.

  2. There's a statue of Riff Raff in a town about 7 hours north of here, where Richard O'Brien (who wrote Rocky Horror) lived and worked. The horror part is that it is in Hamilton.

    (That's a Kiwi joke - Hamilton is notoriously dull.)

    You can see a webcam of the statue here - Apparently people visit it and do the Time Warp. Now I can't get the song out of my head. Thanks.

    1. That is cool! Thank you! (I listened to the soundtrack today on the way to work, so the Time Warp is in my head too...)

  3. I used to play Rocky Horror soundtrack when my kids were in the car. I remember them belting out "Let's do the TIME on the HILL".

    Now, thanks to Mali, I can either stick to list of things I need to get done today or watch Riff Raff to see if anyone stops by to do the time warp.

  4. Wonderful. I have only seen it in a theater once -- in Pittsburgh, so much fun. I've seen the movie a few times at home.