Sunday, October 25, 2020

covid notes 49

I don’t really have trees in my yard, but I have leaves.


Yesterday I raked leaves. Just the ones that had piled up against the back of the house, and the ones that had piled up against the garage/barn, and the ones that had piled up against the slate patio behind the garage/barn. I left ones in the rut that some heavy machinery made over the summer, where I need to replant grass. I left them among the plants in front of our house.


I filled 6½ thirty-gallon yard-waste bags.


A couple of weeks ago, Martha texted me and Lynda asking if she could come steal leaves in our yards for her compost. So this morning I texted Martha and asked her if she wanted the 6½ bags or if I should schlep them to Paul’s.


She wanted them.


So we made a couple of trips back and forth across the street and emptied the leaves onto her raised-bed gardens. And I got to keep the bags.


A happy earth-friendly solution on this first wintery-feeling day.


  1. Tomorrow is the day the city starts picking up bags of leaves in my neighbourhood. Today winds of 100 km/h are forecast. I am about to go out and start wrangling leaves: wish me luck.

  2. That is a lot of leaves for someone who doesn't really have trees! Good thing it worked out for you and your neighbor.

  3. I'm struggling to visual how many leaves that is, but it sounds like A LOT! (Next year, take a photo please!) I like an earth-friendly solution.