Sunday, June 28, 2020

covid notes 9

Then there have been the insurance-covered video adventures. I put off online therapy for several weeks because I just didn’t want to do it online. I also thought that surely we sit far enough apart that that would be one thing I could continue to do in person. But then I was informed that therapy was among the most dangerous of activities: the talking in an enclosed space across from each other. And so I gave in, to every other week online. I’m getting used to it. But those awkward party-Zoom pauses feel even more awkward in online therapy. They are happening less often.

And then there were Tim’s medical issues, the first of which needed more than audio.  


  1. My middle daughter has been zooming with her counselor once we realized she needed to keep seeing her! And it's gone actually really well.

  2. Awkward pauses are always awkward - on screen or in person. We shouldn't be afraid of them. But I always am! lol

  3. I have two therapist friends who have been doing online therapy sessions. I might consider therapy if I could do it online and never meet my therapist.