Monday, December 10, 2018

344/365/Happy Free-for-All

Even though we will probably get to Maryland and Pennsylvania to visit relatives over the holidays, I decided to mail all the presents, just in case. This year all the families are getting a basket filled with DarnTough socks and a half-pint of Parts West maple syrup—a Vermont care package. Yes, they’re socks, but they’re the best socks. (And they cost enough that I hope they go appreciated or that they send them back to ME.) Anyway, I mailed them today. So it’s done. So I’m happy. And I hope they will arrive at their destinations, which will make me even happier.


  1. My inlaws (I know I'm divorced but I don't know what else to call them), all of them, appreciated good socks. Good socks are the difference between a good day at work and the worst fucking day ever. And that's true if you are a laborer or if you're a teacher.

  2. I'm giving Clare's partner some Vermont maple syrup. He confided in me over the summer that he'd never had real maple syrup so he's getting some whether he likes it or not.

    1. I was a late convert to maple syrup. Indigo converted me with Grade B.

  3. My podcasts keep telling me Bombas make the best socks. Now I'm so confused!

  4. I love socks--and maple syrup. Did you have sticker shock at the Post Office? I mailed a box of gifts to Lizzie in Florida, and it cost over $20. I could have had them shipped from Amazon for free, but I wanted to wrap them. (Having Amazon wrap them would have been less personal, and probably would have cost more than $20.

  5. Because of you I ordered everyone Darn Tough socks today. Thank you.