Monday, December 10, 2018

343/365/Happy Free-for-All

Emma and Anton and their dad Petr stopped by our house to see if we wanted to go to the firehouse breakfast with them and see Santa and they showed us their Christmas caps and a glow-stick necklace and played with the roller shade on the front door that sometimes snaps up well and sometimes doesn’t but did for them but we had already had breakfast so I went upstairs to my calendar and penciled in next month’s breakfast because I always forget about the breakfast and miss it and next month maybe we can go with them.


  1. A lovely one-sentence post about hope and friendship.

  2. That was nice of Emma and Anton and their dad Petr. Where was their mother? I can't help but feel they stopped by to establish an alibi.

    1. Ha! Every Sunday she sells her beautiful jewelry at the farmer's market!