Thursday, November 29, 2018


I am in Portland again, in an airbnb, which is OK, nice in fact, but not quite as convenient as being in a hotel, and there’s no gym, and I’ve forced myself to stay in all day today and work, except to get lunch, and I didn’t manage to get enough to eat, and even though it’s technically a basement apartment, it’s full of light, much more light than my Victorian house, and I’m not sure what I’m saying here although it’s almost the end of the workday and I’m still so far behind in this damn 365 project. Still.


  1. Confession: I feel elated when I go to someone's blog and they haven't posted anything new. I can't keep up with the reading either.

  2. I've managed the writing - though have slacked off a little the last few months - but only today am I trying to keep up with the reading.