Saturday, October 20, 2018

289/365/Scary Stuff

It had been on my Netflix list forever, but on Kim’s perhaps inadvertent recommendation I at last watched The Cabin in the Woods this week, over two workouts on my elliptical, and it was great fun, especially the setup (first workout) with all the typical Whedonesque/Goddardesque banter, and it sports a great cast (Richard Jenkins! Amy Acker! Fran Kranz! Bradley Whitford!), and it was only starting to get gory at the halfway point when I stopped, only one horrific death, and workout #2 was supergory but with fun twists and a good ending and I enjoyed it and even watched some of it again on our big screen when, on my recommendation, Tim watched it last night.


  1. The horror here is that I haven't worked out in ages. And you've gone and done it twice.

  2. Yeah, still not convinced to watch this.

  3. Sabine has a good point. Glad that you made it past the really gory bits. I really loved the end...which means I'm not a very good person, I guess.