Tuesday, September 4, 2018


It’s dark. The floor’s trap door rises; a figure emerges. It’s got a man’s body but a moose’s antlered head. I am terrified.

It’s the living room of my 1965–1971 house, but there is no furniture. Bare wood floors, a fireplace.

My mother reports my fear of Captain Kangaroo’s Mr. Moose. Hard to imagine. I wonder which came first?


  1. The strange things that terrify young children. I found the captain's hairdo a bit alarming, myself.

  2. I barely remember Mr. Moose, although I think Mr. Green jeans is the reason I married a farmer's son.

  3. Replies
    1. I love Bullwinkle. Always have. I must have gotten over my fear of Mr. Moose somehow or just been enchanted with the banter from a young age.

  4. I don't remember Mr. Moose. My memory of Mr. Green Jeans, however, is vivid. Maybe this explains why I live in on an old farm. (Thanks, Dona.)

  5. Oh no, but he's so cute. (I googled him.) Which came first indeed?