Friday, August 31, 2018

242/365/Poetry and Form

Summer Is Wanting

end of August
end of summer
summer that wasn’t
summer just simmering
simmering resentment
simmering hot
hot child in the city
hot sweaty nights
nights full of stars
nights all alone
alone in the world
alone in this body
body catch a
body movin’
movin’ shit out
movin’ on
on a mission
on a tour
tour eiffel
tour the state
state the facts
state of mind
mind the gap
mind over matter
matter of weeks
matter of form
form fitting
form a thought
thought of you
thought I should
should be there
should be here
here I am
here is not there
there is no way to be
there and here too
too far away
too close
close to the bone
close the door
door that sticks
door that swings
swings right
swings left
left this world
left us wanting
wanting more
wanting something


  1. Nice! Aren't these fun to write? Summer is wanting...something more. Beautiful.

  2. Very nice... and this summer was indeed wanting.

  3. I love it, Definitely related to parts, "simmering resentment" for eg. Brava.

    I just might have to write one of these even though poetry month is over.

  4. I definitely want to try this. It's a tribute to your powers that I read it through the first time without picking up on the form.