Thursday, August 23, 2018

235/365/Poetry and Form

In 2011, I headed to Bloomington for a fantastic five-day vacation, during which I toured sites related to my friend’s father (as well as the Kinsey Institute). In 2015, I headed to London because his musical was supposed to open, but he canceled it. Last week, I went back to Bloomington with Tim and my high-school-BFF-producer friend and her husband and we all stayed with Esther and we saw two of the four performances and were given a local tour by my friend, the Man Himself.

This is a preamble to two limericks, because I’ve had to attempt a few lately and I haven’t had time to write anything else (no pantoum for you!). Yesterday I sent them to my five friends as a thank you, because it really was a great trip. Here is the first.

1: The Thank-You Note

At Hoagy’s most kind invitation
we planned us a minivacation.
The divine Esther housed us.
The dancers aroused us.
Stardust Road was our path to elation!


  1. I agree. I honestly think you should put together a book of your limericks. Maybe it could be a coffee table-like (that's an en dash, not a hyphen, correct?) book with pictures to accompany each poem.

    1. As most of my clients go with Webster's, and as an adjective coffee table is hyphenated, it would be coffee-table-like book, with first a hyphen, then an en dash, or, if the house liked -like closed up, one could go with coffee-tablelike book, with just the hyphen.

    2. Aaacckkkk!!! (she screams as she lashes out violently at any punctuation within arm's reach.)

  2. Ok limericks that are not ridiculous or dirty are so strange to me. And they are growing on me.

  3. Agreeing with everyone above...but distracted, and rather frightened, by the hyphenation discussion! I certainly need an editor.

  4. Oy, the hyphen lesson made me forget what the limerick said.