Monday, July 30, 2018


This past weekend (by which I mean the last weekend in July, not July 20, to which this post equates) was the annual book sale run by our small local library. It’s their major fundraiser. On good years, I have my shit together and go through my books and donate to it. It hasn’t been a good year in awhile.

I cannot go to this sale. I feel totally guilty about it, because going is a great way to support the library. But I always come home with books that just sit there. I have books that I got there years ago, unread, that now I have to get rid of somehow.

I am dying to go through the nonfiction closet. I am dying to clean out my office. I need so badly to deaccession so much.

I want to someday feel like I can go to the book sale again.


  1. Can you donate the unread books back to the library? I do this with read and unread books I've bought from the library, and also with clothes I've bought from the Salvation Army. Wear 'em awhile, then give 'em back. Or don't try them on in the store, wash them, try them on, and give them back immediately.

    1. I could donate these right back the library sale, and yet it's a matter of the time to do it!

  2. This year, you need to give yourself a break. Don't feel guilty!

  3. I have done that with books from the bookstore where my daughter works. Buy it, read it, give it back. It is always in as good a condition as when I bought it (used).