Monday, June 25, 2018


After an arduous journey, we stopped in to see my mother on the way to the airbnb, and she informed us that the insurance company says they are going to cancel her homeowner’s policy at the end of August because no one is living in the house, and Alison and I are sure that anyone who sees the house will never insure her, ever. All that within 20 minutes of arrival.


  1. Gold Medal in the Worst Day Olympics. I'm sorry things don't seem to be getting any easier for you and Alison.

  2. Oh dear. When my mother moved out, we had to notify the insurance company that it was unoccupied, and that we had turned off the power and water. We were able to give information about its location, the fact it was visible from the street, and that neighbours nearby kept a protective watch on it. Then they continued to insure it. I hope you can do something similar.