Saturday, June 16, 2018


[I wrote this right after it happened and saved it for this month. Luckily, they recently made it back here in time.]

On April 1, I ran out of propane again. No joke. In the past year, this has happened three times. They haven’t delivered since January 31. When I run out, I have no hot water and no oven/stove. If I run out, when they deliver, they have to come in and light the pilots. I’ve used this company for years and I don’t know why the fuck this is happening. I’m on automatic delivery, for chrissakes.


  1. I think this situation deserves more than a whine... perhaps a death threat is in order.

    (Kidding... just in case Big Brother is monitoring this site.)

  2. OMG I couldn't do it without hot water. I could manage on a microwave in the kitchen (actually my stove is electric so it wouldn't be a thing) but a hot shower is key to my continued existence.

  3. [So wise to save this whine!]


  4. That's terrible. They really need to get with the program.

  5. And I suppose propane is not the kind of thing you want stock-piled in your basement, either.