Friday, June 15, 2018


I hate being around people who whine all the time.* But I always catch myself when I’m about to say this, because if I say it out loud, I am whining.
*This project excepted, because we have a one-month time limit and I would listen to just about anything any of you have to say anytime.


  1. Perversely, I also hate being around people who are positive all of the time. Don't trust them. Good, solid cynics and somewhat bitter realists are the best!

  2. I particularly hate people who are positive before noon.

  3. Helen's comment wins! But yes, I agree with you, and everyone else. I remember being told once I was too young to be so cynical. But I considered I was just being honest and realistic.

    I have a whine related to this scheduled for later in the month.