Friday, June 1, 2018


The hoarder house looms. It has haunted me for forty years now, since 1978. My dad took a sabbatical, and we moved into a furnished house—a clean and neat house! I was excited for that. It took them about a month to trash it. That’s when I knew that their house was going to be my problem someday. A big problem. I was sixteen.


  1. Question - a serious one - did either or both of your parents have aspergers?

    1. This is relevant to my interests. Seriously.

      What about diagnosed OCD? That is my sister the hoarder. It's really hard.

  2. This still surprises me. I am sorry you and your sister have to deal with it. When my brother and I had to deal with my folks house (not hoarders but they both had a lot of STUFF) we took what we wanted and hired a company to deal with the rest and then have an estate sale. They got a large percentage, but it was worth not having to do it ourselves.

  3. Yikes, I hope the exorcism is successful.

  4. Wow. And knowing that at 16? I just want to wrap you up in a huge hug.