Thursday, May 24, 2018

141/365/Food in 55/How I Cook

Open refrigerator. Scan inventory. Identify what must go. Determine what goes with that. Chop things. Then (a) Throw them in the wok. Cook rice. Put wok things on rice. Top with tamari. Or (b) Sauté some of the chopped things. Place them on a pizza crust. Bake, then top with not-cooked chopped things. Serve. Eat.


  1. I like this. I definitely do the "identify what must go" stage! And I do the "put wok things on rice" a lot!

    An easy Thai sauce for a vegetable (though not vegetarian, sorry Helen) stir-fry is fish sauce, oyster sauce, sugar and pepper (white pepper). Mmm. Haven't had that in a while.

  2. That's how Dean cooks, minus the wok. He just fries whatever needs to be eaten in oil or butter and serves it with a potato. That's why I cook most of the time.

    1. Not that your method doesn't sound delicious!