Thursday, May 24, 2018

139/365/Food in 55/That’s Where My Money Goes

Much of my disposable income—by which I mean income I dispose of—goes to high-end food and drink. I sit at bars next to friendly people who, it turns out, have great business success and multiple houses. They’d be surprised to see where I live, all that money (well, not much to them) swallowed.


  1. But, your jaded friend asks, do they really have great business success and multiple houses?

  2. Disposable income = income I dispose of. This is the single most brilliant definition of ANYTHING I have ever heard.

    I love the second part almost as much. Our disposable income goes on travel. On our last cruise, I wondered how many of these rich couples drove a 19-year-old car. And I've had a similar conversation on quite fancy with great-food-and-wine Rovos Rail with an American teacher.

  3. I always love hearing about your culinary adventures. I am often a little envious too.