Tuesday, May 22, 2018

136/365/Food in 55/Keep Out

Some things should never have sugar in them: Coffee (Tim says people who use cream and sugar don’t like coffee, they like coffee-flavored cream and sugar). Pickles (dill, please, not sweet). Chicken salad and egg salad, which must contain no relish (sugared pickles) or Miracle Whip (sugared mayo). Mayonnaise should never have sugar in it.


  1. I mostly follow the same rules, but do put cream in my coffee (sorry Tim!) and my cole slaw uses seasoned rice vinegar in the mayo, a sneaky way to get sugar into it!

  2. Oh dear. I use a tiny bit of sugar but a lot more half-and-half in my coffee, I like both sweet and dill pickles, relish in my tuna salad and I usually prefer Miracle Whip to mayonnaise.

    1. There's no accounting for taste—mine, yours, anyone's!

  3. OK, Tim is probably right when he refers to my coffee (though for the last three years, I rarely add sugar).
    I'm with you on mayonnaise, I think. I'm not sure why anyone would put sugar into a chicken or egg salad.