Wednesday, May 16, 2018

129/365/Food in 55/Shoo-fly Pie

My from-the-south officemate had never had a shoo-fly pie, so I brought him a wet-bottomed one back from Lancaster. He should have found me an apple pandowdy, which he was familiar with, and I wasn’t, which is strange, because they are both Pennsylvania Dutch, so why know one and not the other? Here’s Dinah Shore:


  1. Those are awesome names, whatever they taste like. Though I'll admit, a wet-bottomed anything doesn't sound quite so appealing.

    1. Until you eat it. But shoo-fly is so sweet it's hard to eat much. (I prefer wet-bottomed to dry-bottomed.)

  2. The names are always better than the taste of Penn Dutch food, but then this could be my snooty New York upbringing talking! Even thinking this, I still fall prey to some of the baked goods when the Amish farmer sets up his weekly stand nearby!

  3. I haven't had either, to my knowledge, but I always liked Dinah Shore.