Thursday, April 5, 2018

95/365/People in 56/Kate

When I went to pick up the soup I’d ordered, I told her about my parents, the new living situation, the hoarding. Her father died recently, and it turns out he was a hoarder. A two-bedroom, one-story house took six Dumpsters, she said. My Dumpster number will be exponential. When she hugged me, I felt understood.


  1. Feeling understood, feeling less alone - that's huge.

  2. I'm curious: were your parents hoarders when you were growing up?

    1. Yes. Or at least slobs. But yes. It explains a lot of the physical/emotional distance in our family.

  3. It all sounds so difficult. I'm glad you had the camel moment.

  4. I'm sure many understand. It's not an uncommon problem, and you're not alone.

  5. A fellow Dan Bern fan's ex-wife's father was a hoarder and was rich enough to keep buying new houses when the old ones filled. When he died the daughter had 6 houses full of stuff to deal with. which is why she divorced the DB fan -- he is a bit of a hoarder himself.