Monday, March 26, 2018

81/365/Secrets and Lies in 56

Some friends confide their sexual conquests in such detail that I may hear a review of how particularly endowed (or not) a person is, which can prove interesting when meeting said someone for the first time, maybe even more so if I already know him, because suddenly these (large, small) particulars may flash through my mind.


  1. You have more interesting friends than I do.

  2. I've learned some of my male friends have vanishingly tiny johnsons during their divorces. None of my happily married friends tell me about their husbands' junk. I'm fine with that.

  3. Why do so many penis terms of endearment begin with the letter "j"?

  4. Once heard, never forgotten.

  5. This is the one thing we haven't talked about in the last two days....

  6. Helen, my last name begins with a J.

    I've often thought about writing a longer blog post, essay, or even a poem about this: When I was a lot younger, my girlfriends told me all sorts of things about their sex lives, whether I wanted to hear them or not. It didn't seem to matter that I rarely, if ever, reciprocated. But now that my circle of friends (at home) ranges from 60's to 80's, everyone is mute on the subject. Except me. I'm curious. Are they still sexually active? Do they miss it? Dread it? Still love it? Are their husbands/lovers holding up their end of the deal? But no one's talking, and I don't want to put anyone on the spot, so I don't press.

    1. There's probably a facebook group you could join. Or start.