Monday, March 19, 2018

71/365/Secrets and Lies in 56

Verizon is a bunch of fucking liars. The customer service representatives are always so kind, and I truly believe that they are unwittingly being turned into fucking liars by the evil that is Verizon. Because why would a person with any moral compass create a catch-22 whereby ailing 88-year-olds can neither have nor cancel phone service?


  1. I have a feeling if you were to post this on facebook and let it go viral, Verizon would suddenly see their way clear to remedy the situation.

    1. My sister finally got them canceled. You just wouldn't believe it. (And I figure someone will see it on some alert here.) It was truly awful.

  2. As if you didn't have enough to deal with.

  3. Verizon wireless or residential service? I'm beginning to hate them as our ISP, but our other options are worsd.