Monday, March 19, 2018

70/365/Secrets and Lies in 56

Pressing the wrong button can result in photographic evidence, stuck garage doors, false alarms, panic, confusion. Maybe you locked something you needed to unlock, or vice versa. Maybe you were just curious, but what happened was an accident. Maybe you didn’t know a grocery bag could hit an elevator button that registers a cry for help.


  1. I was walking through the sensory garden outside my previous office when I saw an enormous wasp I'd never seen before. I took out my phone to get a picture, but in the bright noon sun I couldn't see what was on the screen. When I got back inside I found I had a number of photos of my own face, squinting at the camera.

  2. LOL I did that too, not knowing my phone could take pictures both ways. But one of them turned out to be my best selfie ever.

  3. Oh dear to the grocery bag hitting the wrong button. I recently found a finger slipping on my keyboard and hitting the wrong button turns my default language to Thai.