Tuesday, June 30, 2020

covid notes 12

Yesterday someone on my high school reunion committee finally put out a call for opinions about our upcoming October date, including the possibility of postponing for one year. I was glad to see that floated, as it’s what I’ve been hoping for. Although I was not a fan of high school, I’ve been to every reunion since our 10th (living too far away for the 5th), and to my surprise have always really enjoyed them, going with my BFF and figuring the worst thing that could happen is she and I hang together—but then we’re off talking to lots of people and the night is quickly over. It’s always fun, and thanks to Facebook, I’ve become friends with people I never even spoke to all those years ago.

That said, there are enough conservative and wrong-side-of-libertarian comments out there that made me text my BFF a few weeks ago: “One thing I keep meaning to say, just to you: Sometimes I see high school classmates’ posts and I think: 1) I wonder if the reunion will really be held this year? and 2) If it is, do I really want to risk my life to spend time with some of these assholes? Of course, there are many people I love. But still.”

I was glad to see that classmates in Czech, Australia, and New Mexico—people who would have to get on a plane—were saying no to this year. I hope that lends some weight. I assume my voice will be dismissed by many as the liberal Vermonter, but I did admit on the thread that I’ve been secretly hoping for the one-year shift.


  1. I'm glad it has been moved, because your text to BFF #2. Here's hoping 2021 makes it possible.

  2. I have never been to a high school reunion. My high school doesn't have them anymore from what I can tell (it is defunct) and when it was still operational, I had zero desire to go. I'm always jealous of those with high school connections! I hope they move it so that you can spend time with those assholes, and as a result, with the people you want to see!

  3. I hope they move it too, and you can go if you want to. I graduated from high school 45 years ago and I'd not heard if anything was planned -- but I can't imagine there will be anything this year. I went to my 40th but I never need to go to another. The only good thing that came out of going was I reconnected with someone who I honestly thought had died -- she just completely fell out of my life.