Monday, December 31, 2018

364/365/Happy Free-for-All

I wrote about Kim in my first 365 project (although I’m not completely sure of my use of ornery there—it’s not wrong, but not perfect, but hey—I had 44 words).* Now here she is in this one, in a feeble attempt to continue to praise her and to brag about sharing, like all selfless people do:
Aren’t you glad I roped Kim into this?
Do you see that her writing is bliss?
This world’s greatest shame is
That Kim isn’t famous
And they don’t even know what they miss.
*100/365 Another Kim
She was my idol in poetry workshop. The prof thought we were lovers. I did love her red specs and raw talent. She dropped out of that ornery MFA program to raise a family. On my selfish days, I feel the world’s been cheated.


  1. Both of these are wonderful and I agree that the world needs to know about Kim's writing. I am so happy to have met her. Thank you for roping her into this.

  2. Yes, I am most glad. Does Kim/Another Kim have a regular blog where her admirers can keep reading her blissful words?

  3. Oh you darling woman! Writing for you is enough. But I keep trying to write for more than just me and you. I have another blog that I started just a little bit before this 365 project ate up all my time...I will get back to that. And yes, it was good that you roped me into this...and good that I made everyone write poetry!

  4. I love both of these too. Though I had to force myself not to read the second (original) piece of Kim-worship in limerick cadences! I also agree that it is a loss that the world doesn't know Kim's writing. But I also feel that way about you!