Sunday, December 30, 2018

360/365/Happy Free-for-All

In a way, it was the easiest holiday season in a long time. I mailed the baskets of DarnTough socks and maple syrup, just in case the weather turned bad and we couldn’t travel. Tim and I had already bought ourselves our big gift. I was never really in a store playing Christmas music (at least not since mid-November), so I didn’t get sick of Christmas—I didn’t even think about it. I wasn’t presented with a Christmas cookie until December 24th at my mother-in-law’s, so I wasn’t on a constant sugar high/crash cycle. We didn’t put up a tree, just the wreath with the rail-trail weed/cowboy arrangement. So really, none of my stress was holiday stress. (Which doesn’t mean there wasn’t stress, of course.) No holiday stress is a happy thing.


  1. Yes, no holiday stress is a happy thing!

  2. I agree. This year I had very little holiday stress too. It helped that we were travelling, and wasn't responsible for anything specific.