Thursday, December 6, 2018

339/365/Happy Free-for-All

On my way to work, around the spot we call Corvid Corners, a flock of twentythirtyish birds (“‘Is it a starling or a blackbird?’ said Pooh. ‘That’s the whole question,’ said Rabbit. ‘Is it a blackbird or a starling?’”) rose up and flew just above and just ahead of my car, following the curve of the road, just at a place that I could watch them and still keep my eye on the two cars ahead of me and any potential oncoming traffic, so it felt like I was following them, almost flying too, but not quite. And then they veered off.


  1. I love watching murmurations. We have a resident flock of starlings in the neighborhood that provide us with entertainment each evening if we care to watch.

  2. You remind me here of something I saw today....that is a gift, for until now I had nothing to write! Thank you!

  3. Me too, Dona! I expect to drive off the road one day while watching them.