Saturday, November 24, 2018


Clad in a open-in-the-front hospital gown, I waited for the ob/gyn, but instead of relaxing in a chair or on the exam table, I stood by and stared out the window, where I saw a pair of large birds flying, so far up that it took awhile to realize they were herons, and I wish I’d brought binoculars with me—but why would I?—and then, at the woods at the far end of the field, I saw the belly-white flash of some raptor, who eventually landed in branches, and who was much too far away to identify.


  1. Wish you had brought binoculars, just so you could explain everything to the ob/gyn!

  2. I had the same thought. Probably bringing binoculars to a health facility where people are often half naked Is discouraged, however.

  3. I love this. My dentist used to have an office with huge windows where raptors would regularly make appearances. I'd make a noise and point and the dentist or technician would stop what they were doing and patiently listen to me exclaiming my joy.