Monday, November 12, 2018


Even in the finest restaurants, I want to be sitting in a bar stool: the bar a perfect height, the level of service sublime, the bartender willing to deal with this high-maintenance cocktail chooser, the sharing of small plates (or even large ones) easy, and often great banter, not just with the bartender, but with our fellow barmates.


  1. It sounds so good, though I've rarely found it so in practice. Still, I immediately thought of the bar in the observation lounge on the cruise ship, where we would enjoy pre-dinner champagne. Sigh. Yes, I want to be there. Maybe I just have to take good barmates for the banter. Wanna come next time?

  2. We rarely eat at the bar, but lately we've done it a couple times. Bethesda is not a very good place for barmate banter though. Neither is DC. Either that or I just don't know how to do it.