Monday, October 29, 2018

294/365/Scary Stuff

Years ago, I hosted a Christmas party at our house for friends and neighbors. At one point, in my peripheral vision, I saw something dart quickly under the dining room table—perhaps a small blond child. I thought it might be Nolan, who was small, but not THAT small. I looked under the table. Nothing. I found it odd, but forgot about it.

I can’t quite remember what Christine said not long after, but I realized I’d seen the darting child after Christine’s arrival to the party. It then seemed obvious that it was her ghost—the one she sees in her house all the time. It had apparently traveled with her to the party. And then it traveled back. I never saw it again.


  1. A party-crashing ghost... you have the best stories.

  2. Yes, it's good that the little ghost got out of the house for the night.

  3. I have heard about ghosts that travel with their hauntees.