Thursday, October 11, 2018

282/365/Scary Stuff

As someone not out to deliberately scare herself, I was never really into haunted houses, and I’m sure my parents never offered to take me to one. I imagine I did go to a couple in my youth; I don’t remember vividly. Certainly I went on haunted-house–themed amusement park rides.

But since moving to Vermont, I’ve gone to quite a few, usually because I’ve had friends involved in their production. Both my ability to understand that this is all put on AND seeing my friends act in “scary” roles elevates it to humor and entertainment. Even in that old jailhouse.

Still, I hate deep darkness. I don’t want to be the first in the group, and I don’t want to be dead last.


  1. Dead last is definitely to be avoided.

    I should move to Vermont. I love haunted houses.

  2. How do we get you to think of something other than death?