Monday, July 30, 2018


I have not been to one book group gathering this year. I’ve had schedule conflicts. I haven’t read anything (not a prerequisite for attending). The few times I have been available, I have just wanted to spend time at home, not out.

You’ve heard my complaints over the years: that it’s hard to get people to talk about the book. That the group is too big. That the group is too big for me to continue considering making dinner for said group, so I have bowed out of hosting. That I can’t even read what I want to read, and I can’t read anything anymore, so I’m not going to read what they want to read. That every time we talk about changing it up a bit, there is resistance. And I understand the resistance. Having someone make you a fabulous dinner once and month and spending time with good people is fantastic.

But, what’s this? Here is the e-mail announcing August:

Judy and I will host a potluck picnic, weather permitting out on the deck (or inside if needed). Not only will the food be contributed by each and everyone, also the books.
—Read a book of your choice and bring a synopsis of it to present to the group, giving us all new authors and subjects.
—Presentations will be 5 to 7 minutes to allow everyone a chance to speak.

I will follow up with directions when we call for numbers. Thank you book group for continuing to value open, creative thinking and community effort.

Dona and Judy*

I don’t know if I will go. I don’t like presentations, and I’ve not been reading. I just started reading a book that I’d be afraid to talk about at book group because of one particular person in the group. But it’s interesting that something different is happening. (I know Dona has had same issues as I with size of group, and the last time I “helped” host, it was with her, when we did Sonya’s book.)

*Names included to show Dona another Dona. And I think the gathering is on our Dona’s birthday.


  1. Interesting way to shake up the format of the club. But I still recoil from the idea of a book club. Presentations? Right up there with powerpoints.

  2. Oh no, presentations sound way too formal. Sure, we used to tell each other what we'd been reading, or describe a book, but we had to do it without spoilers, so we were really just teasing and tempting, or occasionally warning each other off.

  3. I think it might have been better to word it differently. "Presentations" does sound too formal and rather intimidating. How about "Read a book of your choice and tell us about it"?

  4. I was only briefly confused. And so nice of them to hold a book picnic pot-luck in my honor!

    Yes, "presentation" sounds intimidating.