Saturday, April 28, 2018

110/365/People in 56/Meredith’s Grandmother

The empathic massage therapist tells me her dead grandmother sends her a message when she’s getting lazy about tasks: Will it take less than a minute? Just do it now! I never knew Meredith’s grandmother, dead or alive, but now I too hear her voice and often heed it, folding clothes, placing them in the drawer.


  1. Several things here: never knew an empathic massage therapist, but now want to. And I thought about my own grandmother who basically only told me I was going to get fat...not nearly as constructive as Meredith's! But perhaps prophetic!

  2. Please tell your empathic massage therapist that her grandmother is welcome to "visit" me any time.

  3. Put me on the grandmother's list. Although my own grandmother had some wise sayings of her own. "'Everyone to their own taste,' said the woman as she kissed the cow." "Everything in moderation." (My dad said she didn't really follow that.) And "A place for everything, and everything in its place." (I never took that one to heart.) She had some in French, too, but I don't remember those.

    1. The first one my mother used to say, but it began, "There's no accounting for taste..."

  4. I need to hear that message in my head too. I regularly ignore Flylady's "you can do anything for 15 minutes."

  5. I'm adopting the one-minute rule.

    Flylady - ugh. I had to abandon my yahoo calendar years ago when I signed up for her daily reminders and she wouldn't let me cancel. My calendar became full of Flylady wisdom with no room for anything else.