Wednesday, February 28, 2018

59/365/Objects in 61

I got a new bike! First one in about a quarter century. It’s a mountain bike. I’d resisted getting a new bike because I love my old bike, a skinny-tires hybrid, but in the last two summers I fell twice on the rail trail as a result of those skinnies. It was a safety issue. It’s a Salsa Timberjack. New bike!


  1. Wonderful! I want a new bike but I have only ridden my old bike a few miles. Fell off it in 1991 and it frightened pregnant me.

  2. I'm sure you'll love it! My daughter and two of her friends started a mountain-biking club for middle- and high-schoolers. They compete in races and learn about trail grooming, and of course how to ride. It's such a wonderful activity for the kids, and I'm proud of my daughter. She and her husband are avid cyclists. And skiers. This activity level was not inherited from me.

  3. I always like the idea of biking, but only on the flat. People here bike all over the place, and that's not for me. But now I've lost half the cartilage on my knee, and my biking days are over.